The Damien House

Damien House is a residential hospital located in Guayaquil, Ecuador. Damien House exists to provide care and help dispel the stigma of those affected by Hansen's Disease (Leprosy). Run on private donations, Damien House provides around-the-clock care for over 30 in-house residents and free medical care for over 700 outpatients. Those who live at Damien House are unable to live independently due to complications from the disease or because the stigma prevents them from returning home.


True Miracles of Damien House

The spirit and will of its patients and staff is truly a miracle. Many of the patients live at Damien House because they are no longer welcome in society. However, if caught early, Hansen's Disease (Leprosy) can be treated and completely cured. All of the residents at Damien House have been completely cured of the disease. Many are living with the secondary complications of the disease. Hansen's Disease is one of the oldest and most misunderstood diseases of our world.    

The Goals of Damien House

  • To provide complete medical care for patients of Hansen's Disease  
  • To help patients live a life of dignity and love no matter what their situation may be 
  • To help patients return to living full lives 
  • To provide public education, to dispel the myths regarding the disease, to allow earlier treatments, and to minimize complications 

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