Journey & Idea

This site catalogues the artwork of a father and son. It also serves as an instrument to help the poor but beautiful souls afflicted with leprosy. Out of a mere vacation to the Galapagos Islands in 2006, and a brief stop-over at The Damien House — a hospital in Guayaquil, Ecuador that treats and cures leprosy — a purposeful mission was born.

Since then, my father and I put to use our passion for art and wildlife to create images of remote and wondrous places. Our first original 12x12 wall calendar titled Islas Galapagos 2009 focused on Galapagos wildlife, and the mesmerizing creatures of this amazing archipelago. We continued with Galapagos Wildlife 2010, and A Day in Galapagos 2011 to finish the 3 calendars series.

Our travels have taken us from the Middle East to South America, experiencing great adventures — all for the purpose of photos eventually becoming art. Each of our calendars features original oil paintings (Paul) and charcoal sketches (son Joe) of the amazing creatures, stunning landscape, and indigenous peoples of far off lands. 

The dates and holidays are in both English and Spanish. All of the profits from our art is donated to The Damien House.

After 3 years, constant letters and correspondence,  and innumerable hours spent creating art, our 4th calendar Visions of Ecuador 2012 was selected by Borders,, and to be sold on-line and in stores. This calendar was also sponsored by the Ecuadorian Embassy in the US, who called us "art ambassadors for their country," a label we were most humbled and thrilled by. We always know that St. Damien and Sister Marianne Cope (both Catholic Saints and crusaders for leprosy patients), are the most important support  team we have.

Each year since we have continued to provide our paintings and drawings as a travel journal in calendar form for the world to see what we have been lucky enough to experience around the world. Calendars and note cards capturing these incredible locations are available here on our site for purchase with proceeds going to The Damian House.


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